Who hates Filipino Culture?

I guess some of you may have read it. I just want to share with you. But here’s the link “I hate Filipino Culture

You could just imagine how people would react.  When it became viral, there are obviously reactions to it… some are violent, some are hmmm…. overreaction…

But it doesn’t end there, he wrote a post as a response to it.

Replies to comments on “I hate Filipino Culture”

And here’s my comment:

I’ve read your article. I must say I’m surprise it didn’t become controversial before. Was it because it was new? You’ve been writing for a while and they took notice now, was it because of election?

there is nothing new in the article you wrote before (2007). In fact, we all know this, and we are such hypocrites to think that we are not like that (what you wrote). You didn’t exclude yourself anyway (at least that’s what it appeared to me), you are included in the “Filipino culture”. You just happened to be more open – to other ideals, to other culture, etc.

Being able to question authority, being able to question at all, is something that developed with time. I have to admit I am still in the process of knowing what to accept, to tolerate and what is definitely UNACCEPTABLE. Opening my eyes that the Philippines is not perfect, that there are countries to explore and cultures to share will keep you in tune with the world. We’re not superior… not inferior too. But our way isn’t the only way.

I hope Filipinos see everything within us. We are all like what you wrote – whether we like it or not.


We could all just stop and think.. why would someone say that?  Probably because it’s true and he just happened to say it out loud.. in this case, wrote about it!


7 thoughts on “Who hates Filipino Culture?

  1. Yaan mo na yang mga ganyang paskil Sis. Mamamatay din yan pagdating ng araw. ^_^ Mas mabuti pang sumali sa tree planting kaysa makipagpalitan sa kanya ng mga punto sa walang katapusang negatibong puna.

    “E sa pinoy nga ako, hindi man perpekto pero hinding hindi ko ipagpapalit ang pagiging pilipino ko.”

    Magandang gabi sayo!

    • hahaha! salamat sa komento, pero di naman ako nagalit sa isinulat nya. in fact, i understand his sentiments and i have encountered them often. Di lang sa pinoy pati sa ibang lahi. yun lang naman ang nais kong iparating. 🙂

  2. First of all thanks for the follow. I read the article on your link – I hate Filipino Culture, and I also read some of the “colorful” comments. I for one, was not “offended” by the article, just like you. For I only read truth in that article, and I commend the author for expressing it. It’s the certain culture that he hates, not the people. I am a Filipino and proud of it.

  3. Hi bebekoh!
    When I read the title of your post, I was pretty much exhausted so I didn’t dare read it yet. I figured, I’ll come back to this when I’m ready to spare intense emotions.
    Now that I’ve read it and checked the links. I’d like to thank you for sharing this. I may also be guilty of the flaws mentioned by Jaywalker but I totally agree with his spot on points. In fact, I share his views so much but I choose to be quiet about it since I really don’t have the balls to handle the close-mindedness and uncalled aggressiveness of the multitude.
    It’s really refreshing to see another open-minded blogger like you. 😉

    • Thanks June. I remembered a photo (more of comic strip) that Potsquared posted.. how Filipinos complain about our country, yet when a foreigner complains, we are outraged. That’s just ridiculous! can’t anyone be entitled to their own opinion? how shallow?

      • Haha I remembered my post, Why I dislike dogs. That was my first online experience of intolerance from a reader. 🙂

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