Ever Heard of Fanbox?

Okay.  So I got sucked again in doing another blog in another site that promises to pay… “daw”.  I just joined.  Although, I was invited  before – don’t even know how long ago, I just went thru it today. It’s called FANBOX.

Like any other networking sites, they have the same feature and function. You can invite your friends, you can tag pictures, you can write blogs, you can even advertise your products and services. The difference is, it pays. Being a member is one. Not just by joining but participating.  You can advertise your services and blogs by creating this ad that is distributed to the members and which you can also post in other networking sites – unique visitors.

I’m a huge fan of networking sites.  I have joined Friendster, Multiply, Twitter (though I’m not actively using it), and Facebook. And this seems promising.

I sure do hope they keep their promise of paying their members. Don’t exactly know how yet, but will keep everyone posted, just in case your interested.


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