As one with the nation, tribute to Dolphy

Filipinos mourn for their beloved “King of Comedy”

As of 10 July 2012 at 8:34 pm, our beloved “King of Comedy”, Rodolfo Vera-Quizon Sr. a.k.a. Dolphy, passed away due to Cardiac arrest, following multiple organ failures as complications to his earlier diagnosed disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

It has been weeks and Filipinos had been updated with Dolphy’s condition while admitted to Makati Medical Center. Everyone is united in prayer for his healing. Dolphy is 83 years old. Ironically, in exactly 15 days, it would be his birthday. He would have been 84.

I do not want to sound like a reporter but that is how it was told in the news channel I have been hooked on. It may sound irrelevant to others but like any other celebrities, good or bad, it had an impact on us.

Dolphy was proclaimed the King of Comedy by Filipinos for his comedic roles in TV, Movies and radio shows, where he started. Although it was aloof and was never awarded, Dolphy was considered by every Filipino to be a national artist.

Who wouldn’t know Dolphy? His shows had been consistently top-rated, movies are box office hits, commercials and endorsements are most watched. He has this aura.

It may be his charm that won the hearts of every Filipino. He is soft spoken, often borrowed to narrate commercial skits, station IDs or even a great storyteller. He portrayed pretty much everything. He wasn’t even bothered to portray Gay to his several movies, which are internationally recognized, by the way. But what struck me the most is his role as a Dad.

Typical Dad for his roles, we all wanted to have a father like him – protective, lovable, supportive, comedic, easy-to-relate to, you know you can talk to, a shoulder to cry on – that’s the dad he portrays and as it turns out, according to his children, he is actually like that.

I, like any other Filipino, had grown with Dolphy as part of our lives. I have grown to watch and loved his TV series, from reruns of “John and Marcia” to “Home along the Riles”. I fret whenever I missed an episode. But that was years ago. I am all grown up now.

I may not have watched his movies anymore but knowing his passing still made me sad. I realized that I have practically seen most of his movies and TV series without even knowing it. I had so much fun and burst into laughter with his antics, and it still feels a loss for me to know that he passed away.

I guess it is his time – to be with our Creator. He had lived a full life, like what his son had said. And although, the King of Comedy died, the Comedy lives. Long Live Comedy!

My condolence to the Quizon Family. May you rest in peace, our dear, beloved King of Comedy, Dolphy. You will forever be missed. Say hello to the Lord for us!


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