Me’ Ganun!

Okay! Kung merong mang types ng Facebook user (katulad ng gawa ng ibang authors), isa siguro ako sa mga masasabing “Stalker” or yung nagbabasa lang ng posts / statuses pero di ako nagko-comment, madalas mag-Like at hindi masyadong nag-a-update ng status.

Di rin ako mahilig mag post ng pictures. Kaya konti lang ang album ko. Di ko gustong ipost ang pictures ng ibang tao sa FB ko, what more ang mukha ko, kaya bilang ang mga pictures ko sa FB. More of merong mga kasama ako, walang masyadong solo.  Well, for obvious reasons, malaki ako sa picture.. hehehehe!

Kaya naman pag me nakikita ako, mapa-friends ko man o hindi na puro pictures nila ang nakapost nasasabi ko sa sarili ko… “Damn, they’re so vain” wala na bang ibang picture.  Kaya nga “me ganun?!”

Don’t get me wrong… you have every right to post whatever you want in your FB account… it’s your account. Kaya lang di ko talaga maiwasang mapaisip na, “ano ba yan? wala na bang iba… di mo naman masyadong love ang sarili mo noh.  narcissistic” o di ba?

Sige na nga. Kanya-kanyang trip. Walang basagan.. let it be. And I’ll just mope here in the corner. 😛


2 thoughts on “Me’ Ganun!

  1. I’m one of those Facebook users who wouldn’t update that much. But thanks to the new Timeline, I’d put something from a particular point of the timeline and so. And when I do update my account, it may go for an awful lot. I think I’m one of only few people who like the new Facebook Timeline… that made me wanna update it more often.

    But, of course, I have my own post restrictions. I’m not a big fan of turning your own personal problems into Facebook statuses. I’d rather blog creatively about it… that’s more worth it.

    • i’d posted personal statuses in fb before and it freaked me out when a not-so-close friend commented on it. It wasn’t meant for them but then i realized, they’re all in my friends list. So after that incident, i try not to post anything personal. of course, there are times when you can’t help it… but its limited compared to when i wasn’t thinking about my posts…. you’re right, i would rather blog about my rants that post it in fb status.! 🙂 very much worth it! 🙂

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