Looking Forwards

It’s June… Summertime. Extreme Heat and everything.

Most of my friends have already prepared for their upcoming vacations, while I still have to endure the scorching heat of June. I feel unlucky (though there’s no such thing – at least for me), as my friends have more than a month long holiday and I have to wait.

I can’t wallow on things I don’t have so I should rejoice and be positive of the things I have.

Looking forward to:

  • Holiday in July… more than a month to go.. countdown will soon begin.
  • Shopping, Window-shopping, Swimming, and Theme Parks… I just hope I can do all of these things.
  • Have a Project… Haven’t figured out what yet but I will… soon!

Thankful for:

  • New friends… chat friends (yeah, i explore chatrooms), blog friends (followers – thank you so much!)…
  • My more than a month soon-to-be holiday.
  • Finally getting my ID…

Yeah… I can’t wait for my holiday.. really excited.  🙂

Thank you, Lord!


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