Blog Review: Seeker’s Portal

Quotes, Poems, Interesting Opinions in a Christian Perspective – that’s how I would describe this Blog. Initial, readers might be a little bit intimidated but after a while, it grows on you.

There are a lot of interesting topics and opinions implied. In addition, it is in English… haha! :)) nosebleed (so they say!).

He tries to make it understandable as possible. 🙂 so don’t fret. You will definitely get what he said.

It’s not limited to one topic. It’s everything. Mostly about relationships, God and his life. You have to admit, everyone’s life is interesting – even yours. No matter how boring it may seem to you.

So find out what he’s life and what God has in store for him in his blog…

*  Type of Blog:  Personal

*  Blog appearance:  Typical WordPress Template. Uncluttered.

*  Blog Content:  Poems, Opinions, Life in Christ, etc.

*  Recommendation:  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Find out more of what God has done for him and what God would do in your life at his blog

Seekers Portal:


Note:  Wala pong bayad ang pagreview ko ng site nila.


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