Blog Review: Facebuko

A spoof of the very popular networking site – Facebuko gives a witty and humorous perspective on politics, current events and pretty much everything under the sun. Characterized by different people from all walks of life and profession, I love the light thoughts it gives to an ever stressful situation.

I wouldn’t consider this site a blog. Pero dahil sa katatawanan at kalokohan na feature nito, masasabi kong para ito sa lahat… personal or otherwise…

Marami na silang mga nilagay. Parang facebook comment (news feed) page. Nandun ang comments,  likes,  replies.. you can even write your own. Kakatuwa talaga.

Minsan na itong na-feature kung san-san dahil sa spoofs na nakalagay dito. I can see that everyone can participate. Kaya pag me naisip akong kabulastugan, post ko dito. Baka sakaling me magcomment… hahah :))

*  Type of blog/site:  Humorous

*  Blog/site Appearance:  Facebook interface – news feed, timeline, notes, etc.

*  Blog/site content:  Pretty much everything that you can think of. Write as if you are writing on your facebook status.

*  Recommendation:  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

so kung gusto nyong makigulo sa magulo at masaya nilang site, visit:  FACEBUKO

Note:  Wala pong bayad ang pag-review ko ng site nila.


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