Blog Review: Get Real Post

Kung merong kayong gustong malaman tungkol sa Pilipinas in different Vantage Points (perspectives), basahin nyo ‘to. Merong mga nakakatawa, nakakainis. Lahat based sa opinion ng mga authors.

Of course, before they write anything, they need to get facts first. It is different from news and journalism, because journalism relay news as it is, based on facts. With GET REAL POST, it is based on truth and the perspective of the author.

Syempre, me kasama ng mockery or applause ang mga posts nila. Di naman maiwasan yun. At habang tumatagal ang pagbabasa ko, marami akong natutunan at nagiging updated na rin ako tungkol sa ‘Pinas. Iba pa rin ang kahit papano, me alam ka… pero kung tutuusin, I don’t like news… Most of it are depressing.

So kung gusto nyong mainis, matawa, pero mostly, maimbyerna sa mga political and entertainment issues ng Pinas or anything under the sun, subukan nyong basahin ang blog na ito.

*  Type of Blog:  Opinions / Political Blog

*  Blog Appearance:

Kind of all over the place. Post Titles and first few sentence and pictures are in the middle.  Features and other categories are on either sides, and menus above. I could say, it is more of a newspaper format (which is what they kind of want to imply).

*  Blog content:

Anything under the sun, but mostly political. I don’t like reading about the impeachment but they are very keen in following it. Regardless, there are things I don’t want to know. But you can decide. Love some of the contents though.

*  Recommendation:  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

So if you want to get mad, irritated or simply have fun about Philippine politics, culture or pretty much everything, basahin nyo ‘to:

Get Real Post:

Note:  Wala pong bayad ang pag-review ko ng site nila.


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