Blog Review: Dusks and Summers

One veteran blogger. I assume she’s a woman. It just seems like it.

Most of her works, pictures and opinions are posted in her blog. (kanya-kanya ngang diskarte yan). Veteran, because she has a lot of followers. I like what she wrote and it continuously make me ponder. They aren’t complicated to understand and they are quite entertaining.

I guess, I haven’t explored the blog fully to really have an idea of what the blog is about. I like that mystery. Love the poems… short and direct.

Whether you like poetry or not, I suggest you explore the blog.

*  Type of Blog:  Personal

*  Blog Appearance: 

Typical WordPress template. Clean. Uncluttered. Easy to understand.

*  Content:

I love the poems. They’re short, direct and understandable. They are easy to relate too.

*  Recommendation:  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Should you want to explore her blog more, do visit:

Dusks and Summers:


Note:  Wala pong bayad ang pagreview ko ng site nila.


3 thoughts on “Blog Review: Dusks and Summers

  1. Actually, lalaki siya. 🙂 Love this blog so much too! Nabasa ko siya sa Youngblood twice tapos nung google ko, jackpot! May blog pala siya! Highly recommended nga!

    • Ganun ba.. hehehe! still haven’t explored the blog but from what i have seen, i liked it. I actually copied one of his poems. di ko nga lang memorized. hehehe! thanks for the visit at sa pag-follow. 🙂

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