Blog Review: The Journey of Blogging

I got the feeling that she’s still a kid. And I also got a feeling na babae sya… hehehe! Me pagkakikay kasi ang sulat nya.

I guess I can say that her blog is typical for a young lady. She’s curious, she’s energetic and she’s inquisitive. Madami syang gustong malaman at inaalam, na nilalagay naman nya sa blog nya.

She’s a Christian and proud to be… how about you? I know I am… and there’s nothing wrong with it.

Explore and enjoy her cute blog. I really can’t tell much about it except that it’s interesting. She’s new to blogging or she just established her blog. She’s open to advice, do visit it.

*  Type of Blog:  Personal

*  Blog appearance: 

Notepad design ng WordPress.  Cute, not so cluttered. Excessively spacious (malalayo kasi ang spaces between paragraphs).

*  Content:

Her experiences, her interests, her raves, I love the pictures. No wonder she likes it too.

*  Recommendation:  RECOMMENDED.

Sa mga bata at kikay na katulad nya at katulad ko, why not visit her site.

The Journey of Blogging:


Note:  Wala pong bayad ang pag-review ko ng blog nila.


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