Blog Review: Manila Citizen

Okay, so she has a great description of Manila. Big deal! hehehe! :))

Manila is a crazy place, just like what she said, and it is home to millions, good and the bad. What’s good about Manila for me, may be something bad for you.  And Manila is truly a maze… and amazing!

Manila Citizen dedicated her blog “solely for telling the world how it is to be a citizen of Manila”.

I guess I’m biased. Although living in another country has its perks, I see the world really differently now and I have become more assertive and outspoken, as friends would say, I still feel that Manila is and will always be my home.

She posted several pictures of her adventures in nearby provincial cities of Metro Manila. I admire her attitude to see Manila still upbeat and a fabulous place to live in.

For me, it will always be my home and no matter where I am.. I will keep coming back to Manila. Reminds me of the song “Manila (I keep coming back to Manila)”… that’s how I see myself.

* Type of Blog:  Travel, Personal

* Blog appearance:

Very neat… Typical WordPress template but it is still neat and well formatted. Fonts are big enough and are readable. Grammatically, well, I can’t comment on that.. hahaha! :))

*  Content:

Love the pictures of Manila and her adventures.  The blog is new and it is dedicated to seeing Manila in the perspective of its citizen. It’s craziness, it’s upbeat nature, and very friendly and warm.

*  Recommendation:  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

So if you feel that you need to see the city again in a different upbeat perspective and feel what it’s like to be a citizen of Manila, check out her site:  Manila Citizen


Note:  wala pong bayad ang pag-review ko ng sites nila.




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