How did blogging helped you?

Browsing through WordPress, I came across articles of similar topic. I always knew blogging has an impact on everyone. I don’t know how though…

So as I read posts like “What Blogging Has Taught Me” and “What I’ve learned about Blogging from writing more than 1,000 posts“, I wonder, how did blogging help me? Did I learn something? Why do I blog?

Well, what do you know? I cannot believe I’ll ask myself these questions again. I always knew this will come up and I have to admit that I’m beginning to get tired… of blogging. But every blogger has its struggles and successes.  It’s not everyday you have ideas and thoughts flowing through your mind.

How did blogging help me?

* Blogging helped improve my vocabulary and grammar.. and  ultimately, my writing.

Whether it is in English or other language, my grammar and vocabulary improved tremendously. How? Well, it wasn’t that difficult for me to relay my thoughts in the language. Plus, reading other blogs, I have read and acquired more vocabulary… broadening mine.

*  Blogging allowed me to do more research.

Whether it is something I struggle with or just something that I have observed, I tend to research more about the topic and guess what, made me more knowledgeable. Of course, there’s still this naive-ness. But I wasn’t as scared to look at the world now that I used to.

*  Blogging helped me gather my thoughts and improve my expression

I always keep my thoughts to myself. And since I do not like journaling (or whatever you call it), it bottles up inside. I wouldn’t be surprised if I would just burst out to someone. At least with blogging, I write everything first, and then edit, and then… post… I choose my words. I express myself in a “mild” manner sort of way… and no one was hurt.. including me.

*  Blogging opens opportunities – networks or careers.

It did. I have met through blogging other bloggers which I begin to love. I never imagined my blog to be famous or anything, but I also never expected people to read it. It is just an outlet for me. I was thankful to the people who kept reading it.  It also expanded the career opportunities. It can go to writing, blogging, proofreading, even the career that you still have. Possibilities are endless now.

*  Blogging made me feel successful.

No.. I am not successful.. YET! But I feel like I am. For one thing, every post I make and everytime I see the stats go up, I feel I have accomplished something. I feel that I have touched someone and they have learned from me.

*  Blogging helped me see my life in a different perspective.

We always feel that we’re the hero or the heroine in our story. Sometimes, we’re the victim. But as I read through my previous posts or my other blogs, I see that I was such a drama queen. hahaaha! :))

*  Blogging made me feel that I helped someone.

In my own little way, even if it is usually rants, I really wished I have helped someone. 🙂


These are just few of the reasons how I benefited from blogging. I know that as I go through the days I still blog, I will learn a lot more and maybe… just maybe, I think of posting it here again.

How ’bout you? How did blogging helped you? Why do you blog anyway?


2 thoughts on “How did blogging helped you?

  1. Hello! Good thing blogging was made, right? It helps us on improving our writing skills, meet new friends (although online at first or for good)… and the entire collective of bloggers can deliver a very powerful message sometimes. Rad.

    • it took me a while to take blogging seriously. Maybe because i see it only as an avenue for making money. never really thought of this before as a outlet. after a while, i have been comfortable noting my thoughts. If i really feel that it is personal, i make it private or put it in my FB Notes (only me – status). at least i let something out, vented without hurting anyone. 🙂

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