Blog Review: Anukayayun

Ano nga ba yun? Actually, nakakainggit ang mga posts nya. Most of them are regarding his European adventure or basically travels. I have not explored his blog well enough to find out what he’s doing in Europe. But from his pictures, mostly just roaming around…. nakakainggit. hayy! kelan kaya ako makakapunta ng Europe? 😛

Well, he has not only been to Europe. Marami na syang napuntahan at nandun lahat sa blog nya ang pictures ng adventure nya. Kahit yung ibang conversations and emo mode nya. I guess, I was drawn to his blog because it captured what every tourist see in the places he visited.

He never shows his face, but just in case he has a picture of himself, meron itong takip… pa-mysterious effect (I think I know a blogger who does this too… :P).

He’s a veteran blogger (at least for me… he’s been blogging for a few years now).

*  Type of Blog:  Travel (Hmmm…) / Personal Blog

*  Blog Appearance:

Typical Blogger Theme na medyo customized – to his preference. Posts and pictures are fully seen. Di mo na kelangan i-click, unlike sa akin, para mabasa ang content. It was neat although, not well-aligned (para sa akin ha! medyo critical ako eh)

*  Content:

Pictures and posts are witty. Pictures of his escapades and travels. I actually liked them. Made me wonder what it would be like if I go to those places.

* Recommendation:  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Hope you get a chance and drool over the pictures of his escapades.. you can check out his website.



Note:  Wala pong bayad ang pag-review ko ng site nila.


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