Will it be more appealing if posts are in English?

I have tried this. I can’t complain because I get a lot of unique visitors. And for obvious reasons, they can relate more when I post in English.

After a while, I ran out of things to say. It wasn’t as sensitive and interesting as I want to portray.

I could come as someone very opinionated yet keep most intimate details to myself. I don’t open up that much to others. If I do, it will take a while. I don’t like being labeled.

People say I’m a snob, especially kababayans. I am closer to foreign friends than fellowmen. I don’t have close Filipino friends anymore… except those that are in the Philippines. Even there, they can’t relate anymore.


Will the post be more appealing if it is in English?

I guess not all the time.

First, you should be aware of everything. from grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. You have to be particular and conscious. And it is a standard not everyone can take.

Second, there are words that I cannot translate – from Tagalog to English.

Third, it is just more fluid (more fluent) when it’s in Tagalog.

Fourth, No one wants a show-off… πŸ˜›


In conclusion:Β  The content is far more important than the language. Whatever language you want to convey your message as long as it is understandable and readable, that for me is OKAY. you don’t need to stress yourself out…


4 thoughts on “Will it be more appealing if posts are in English?

  1. You’re free to use any language you want. It’s your blog kaya sariling rules. Of course, mas madali kung mother language, which is the first language you’ve learned. Yan, Taglish na tuloy ang labas ng comment ko.

  2. Mas masarap mag-blog ng Tagalog. Mas nai-express natin ang sarili natin at mga gusto natin sabihin unless kung talagang magaling tau mag wikang banyaga. Ingles.

    Kung mga Pinoy rin naman mga target mong reader, di mas maganda kung tagalog. Mas reasonable naman sa english kung global readership trip mo.

    Pero infairnes pasok na sa banga englis mo ah. πŸ˜€

    • Actually, mas marami ang bumabasa ng blog ko sa English kesa sa Tagalog. Dito lang ako sa wordpress nagpo-post ng Tagalog. My other blogs are all in English. And since I haven’t posted anything in a while, medyo bumaba ang rating ko and bumaba ang readership.

      Tama ka, mas madali magsulat in Tagalog kasi mas mabilis and mas madali mong sabihin ang saloobin mo.

      Salamat kasi pasado na para sa iyo ang English ko. But my other blogs are actually for the foreign friends i have described above. They obviously couldn’t understand me if my posts are in Tagalog. I sometimes tease them that they will eventually speak Tagalog since they’ve been hanging out with me and fellow Filipinos so often. They just laugh it out.

      Anyway, thanks for dropping by! πŸ™‚

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