Blog Review: Random Blogger

I guess she named because she doesn’t really know what to expect from her blog. She just wants to vent her thoughts and write it.

It was a witty approach to her everyday activities. Wasn’t exactly that theatrical when you think about it, but the way she describes it, makes you wonder what exactly does she do.

She’s a newbie blogger… or at least new blog.  She only started last November 2011. Almost the same time as my new blog. Anyway, her adventures make everyday work activities into something really witty and funny. It’s nice to see things positively.

*  Type of blog:  Personal Blog

*  Blog Appearance:

One of the typical Blogger Template. Well-written. Very neat.

*  Content:

Witty content. Entertaining. Odd to some extent but I like reading them.

*  Recommendation:  RECOMMENDED

Hope you get a chance to visit her blog… her name is Helena Alcala.

You can visit her site:


Note:  Wala pong bayad ang pag-review ko ng site nila.


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