Blog Review: The Word of the Deranged Writer

He was one heck of a deranged writer indeed! hahaha! but in a good way..

The Deranged Writer is this quirky kid-out-to-be-a man, who knows what he wants and aspires to do so. He liked this girl so much but never had the guts to tell her… just yet!

All his posts were real (i guess)… i’ll just trust that it is.  This is his outlet, his portfolio, his life made into words… i like it.

*  Type of Blog:  Personal

*  Blog Appearance:

Typical WordPress template, just like mine. Not to crowded. Meaning, it’s neat… not much clutter. Fonts are big enough to read yet content is short enough to understand.

*  Content:

Mostly everyday happenings, school activities, thesis, his favorite songs and band, “Barney Stinson” hahaha! It wasn’t just that.. there are a lot of things unexplained that makes his blog endearing… you should read it yourself.

*  Recommendation:  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

For more information, you can visit “The Word of the Deranged Writer” at

Note:  Wala pong bayad ang pag-review ko ng site nila.


2 thoughts on “Blog Review: The Word of the Deranged Writer

  1. It took 5 months for me to know you made a review about my blog! MAH GOODNESS. Oh, I’m very sorry if it’s overdue, but thank you for this awesome review! It’s the first time this happened, so yeah! Thank you!

    And by the way, you’re right. All of my posts are real… or are they? You’ll see the real and the fiction soon enough. 🙂

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