For the bitter and the broken-hearted – cheers!

Just want to share this with you… this isn’t mine, obviously. But want my single “broken-hearted, bitter” friends to know that there are still things in life that are great and that being single isn’t a curse.

Reasonably Ludicrous

A handy list of Do’s an Don’t’s!


Wander around your apartment in your underwear. Or, if you’re feeling ‘ballsy,’ completely naked! Your girlfriend was the one who always wanted you to “put some clothes on, for god’s sake.” You thought that was counterproductive–she was just going to take them off anyway! Well now’s your chance to feel those hard-to-reach spots get caressed by the winds of freedom rather than by someone who demands you come to every single one of her interpretive dance recitals. Enjoy it!


Watch at least 5 episodes of Entourage or any other show that makes relationships look worthless and singleness seem awesome. Don’t you want to be those guys? Well, if you were dating, you couldn’t be.


Watch The Notebook or Love, Actually, or anything that’s not about rampant casual sex or a lot of killing. Be careful. In some of those movies…

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2 thoughts on “For the bitter and the broken-hearted – cheers!

  1. Being single is a blessing and a curse, or maybe both at the same time (which rarely happens, perhaps). I’m OK being single, but it’s just that I’m a hopeless romantic who’s crazy over this girl for a very long time. I’m a sucker like that.

    Anyway, I celebrated it with other means. Strip club, perhaps? Nah. I just spent it with thesis and some How I Met Your Mother. I’m all good though. 🙂 How about you? How did you spend your Valentine’s Day this year?

    • how did i celebrate my valentine’s? well, it’s not a holiday so i went to work, as always. got too tired afterwards so as soon as i went home, i took a nap, until dark… hahahah! :))

      being single really has its perks. I am at an age where most of my friends are married and have children. i’m lucky, i guess, because my friends here (where i’m currently at) are single. we just happened to be. I am not unavailable though. But it is hard since we are in a LDR.

      I guess for you, i think would be to really put yourself out there. You’re still young, have fun. as for the girl you really like, try writing her a letter. you are a good writer, i can see that. try that first. take that from there. 🙂 just a thought… see you around and thanks for the comment. 🙂

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