Blog Review: Tagalog Online Pocketbooks (TOP)

Di ako masyadong mahilig magbasa. Nakakatamad kasi pag sobrang haba eh. Pero syempre pag medyo interesting, nakukuha naman ang attention ko. hehehehe! :))

Well, ang TOP, this one I have hard time to believe to be legit. And I hope the authors and admins don’t take it the wrong way, but I am kind of expecting a certified “publisher” to have their own website.. but who am I. I mean, I also have WordPress for a website.

Mabuti na lang sa wordpress sila nagsusulat. I mean, madali kasing mahanap. Magaling na strategy pala ang ginawa ng TOP. Kaya I would say, galing naman!

It got me curious. Ano bang meron dito sa TOP?

It had been a few days but I can’t avoid nor ignore TOP. Maraming magaganda stories eh. Mga online tagalog pocketbooks talaga. Yung iba pa nga nanghihinayang ako kasi di pa natutuloy… Nabitin ba! hahahaha!

Looks can be deceiving. I would say there are a lot of things in TOP that would entertain you and would wanna make you fall in love… like most of their stories. So to TOP.. saludo ako sa inyo.

* Type of blog:  Literary. Writing Blog.

* Blog Appearance:

Looks can be deceiving. This is just one of the typical WordPress template. But I love the contents. Di ka maiinip. Marami kasing stories. Clean, Clear and Organize. Thumbs Up.

*  Content:

Since they have a lot of contributors with different styles, you will never get bored. Never run out of content. A little bit more on the grammatical errors though.

If you really want this to pass as a literary work, they should really mind their spelling, grammar and typographical errors. But those were really minors, otherwise, they are quite a good read.

*  Recommendations:  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Para sa mga hopeless romantic, mahilig magbasa at gustong magsulat, you can check out TAGALOG ONLINE POCKETBOOK at


Note:  Wala pong bayad ang pag-review ko ng site nila.


22 thoughts on “Blog Review: Tagalog Online Pocketbooks (TOP)

    • well most of their stories are nasa site na nila……

      pwede mo pa rin bisitahin yan. me mga stories pa ring naiwan dyan.

      • yung mga sequels:
        – Behind this hazel eyes
        – Happily Never After
        – Baby and Love

        another set:
        – A Night to Remember
        – Unexpected Love
        – Biniling Pag-ibig

        Individual sa luma (wordpress) at sa bago, yung:
        – I meant it when i said I do
        – My love is a nerd
        – finding my true love (pwede na rin)
        – haven’t i met you yet (pwede na rin)
        – My ugly fiance
        – As long as forever

        tingnan mo…

        Di naman halatang nabasa ko na karamihan noh.. hahahha!

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