Why do I blog? (in English please)

Kala n’yo kayo lang ha! LOL!

Getting a little obsessed with my blog, I wonder, would it be more popular if it is in English? I highly doubt that.

Have been looking through freshly pressed (in English), I have to say those were a piece of work. Some of them are just plainly ridiculous, while others are funny as hell.

I have been asked several times why I blog and what is blogging – like the title of my blog. I can’t explain. I blog because it is my outlet. Not everyone can relate to me and I can’t speak my mind all the time – so I just write it down when I get a chance. And apparently, it is a great therapy.

Journaling your life keeps you sane (so they say). It relieves stress and it motivates you. Plus, they will know why you go crazy sometimes.  I am generally a happy person, so when I get mood swings, people wonder.

So why else would I blog? This isn’t the only blog I have and the other blogs are written in English. I blog there because I wanted to practice writing. I have been an article writer for various websites, through a contractor. She gives me writing assignments and in order to enhance my writing, I blog (for practice) to force me to write frequently.  They say you get better the more you write.

My other blogs are actually a way for me to connect with my foreign friends too. They obviously cannot understand Tagalog. At least there, they can relate. And the posts are actually about me and my experience with them.

The blogs are also my portfolio. I wanted to continue writing and make a career out of it. What better way to showcase your talent than to blog. I’m a frustrated writer.

So what do you think? Do you think my writing is suitable to be considered a writer? I obviously need more practice but do I have potential?

How about you? Why do you blog?


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